The company

The J & J  Electric Spareparts GBr was founded in 2008 and deals with the planning of electrical and electronic equipment for the petrochemical, refining and production companies.

Furthermore, the trade in articles of the measuring and control technology, Weightechnique , machine controls, spare parts for Siemens control systems, mechatronics and many others belong to the program.

The J & J  Electric Spareparts GBr has taken over the planning and construction as well as with trade in a very short time a reliable name. In the future we will expand our technology program ever.

The share in exports has tripled in recent years, and sales have tripled in the last few years.

The J & J  Electric Spareparts GBr has in the field of heavy goods procurable a worldwide reputation. Customers in America,  in the Middle East, Europe and Australia helped to build the name of our house.

Awards from customers for good customer service are a testament to good and continuous